The Legend of SATAY.........

I believe many of you had try this satay right. This is a well known cuisine in Asian . You can easily find this satay in Malaysia,Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei too. From a hocker center to the 5 star hotel also got selling. Satay got different type of meal now a days. Got chicken,beef,mutton,rabbit and many many more.

Anyway..... have you guys ever wonder why it name SATAY and where it come from?
Why it call Satay but not Sitay, Gotay or Laktay???? You don't know right???
Don't know never mind.... now let me tell you why is call Satay!

Once upon a time.... long time A Go Go..... There is a young man form China come to South-East Asia here and look for money. His kampong is in the state of Hokkian ( just like most of the chinese people in Brunei they are from Hokkian too) First he came to work as a Kuli (multi workers) but last last he found that this is not a good job to find a lot of money and sent back to his kampong in China_Hokkian. So he decide to starting making business here. What is the best business to do when you have a low budget? Yes... is selling food lo! Cause everyone need to eat also one ma! So he decide to selling BBQ at the street. Cause selling BBQ food is the most low cost he can do. So he selling a kind of meat that has been slice into a small pieces and cucuk by a bamboo stick. Then oh the local people started to like his food already. Then one day a boy came over to him and ask what is that he selling... Then that man reply him
" Young boy.... this is call CHUAN SHAO (串燒=Stick Grill)" but chuan shao is very hard for the local boy to pronounce properly.
So the man change the food name into SATAY. and is easy to pronounce and remember.
the reason why the Chinese man call it as SATAY is because SATAY in Hokkian is mean 3 pieces. SA=3 , Tay= piece.
Why call it 3 pieces is because in each and every Satay it only comes with 3 pieces of meat. Doesn't matter it is Chicken, Beef or mutton... as long as is Satay 100% only got 3 pieces of meat.
That's is why it call SATAY. If you don't believe next time you eat Satay see is it only come with 3 pieces of meat!