The Kuching Laksa!

After we had check in to the Tune Hotel is almost 9pm already. So we went out for dinner la! Just at the back of the Tune Hotel there is a food court. Although it just a small food count but there is a delicious Laksa selling there.

This is the one, Teresa's Laksa! Don't play play oh..... Her Laksa got come out that the news paper and some food review one !!! What is so special about her Laksa? Delicious and Testy lo!!
I saw some Orang Putih come here eat also! some of them even eat 2 bowl too!

So this her stall look like la!

See!!! Don't play play.... got proof one ok! Her Laksa got vote as Kuching's Top 25 Best Food!
The Menu! N=Normal, S=Special

This is the Teresa Laksa looks like lah... In fact is very simple, it had the Prawns, fried egg, mee hoon, and bean sprout but I can tell you her Laksa soup is the Magic! I'm sure to going to finish it until the last drop of the soup!

Finish All!!!!

After I had finished the Laksa this is how I look. Sweat like a hog!
If you guys next time got go Kuching must remember try this!