Is This Where The Folk Tales Come From!!!

Do you guys still remember how we use to heard the ghost story from the time we were young ka? I do remember a lot of ghost story from that time and don't know why we always had this kind of ghost story around us when we are young! Maybe is my Kampong here the Fong Sui are TOO GOOD kali?

Seriously I have a lot of ghost story here in my kampong and I always remember somebody say that we had this 3 fire on our body! One on the forehead and the other 2 on our each shoulder. Those fire are always protect us in the night time which were not disturb by the ghosts. And they say never turn your head back if you heard someone call you from behind at the night time! If you do that one of the fire will gone, so you'll easily see or chase by the ghost! At that time everyone of us is just a innocent young boys, we always believing what the older people's said!

But after some years when everyone grow up the time, nobody remember the tales already. Who care again if you see ghost or not! Right? Everyday we have to work and work and work. Some time even work until the next morning! Don't even border is that one night really a ghost calling your name from behind anymore.... But after so many years have you ever wonder who is the one had make out that story?

You know what? I just watched a classic ghost movie last night. I think this is the movie which the 3 fire story we heard start from lah! I think that time those adult people after they watch this ghost movie from Bolkiah Cinema and come back home to scared the young one lah....
After so many years.... finally the legend of 3 fire has broke!!!
Boys and girls if one day someone who tell you again that we have 3 fire on our body.... you tell them to come and Kiss My Brown S!!! ok?