He Is My Dad!!!

Wah...... Don't play play man..... My father on the Chinese new paper today regarding that he had just won "The 7th Asean Chinese Literature Award" given by the Singapore Literature Organization.
My father is a ROCK MAN too. Why he is a rock man because his hairs are longer then my mom one just like the Guns N' Roses main singer Axl Rose's hair. I'm not kidding, my father 70 plus years old already but still rock!!! Basically my father is like a cowboy la. One week at least 2 times going down to Seria/KB and lepak there.I'm not sure what's the fun lah but he been doing this of more then 30 years already. Ok anyway my father is a writer and he had won a lot of this kind award for the past few years. Maybe because of that LIKE FATHER LIKE SON lah. Father write something on the paper and win the award, Son write something in the blog and win the shit! hahahah
I'm proud of you Dad!