Hang Around With Mr.Ken!

Kuching say big not so big, say small and not so small too. But once the night had fall you also don't know where want to go! In Kuching must have a car there just like in Brunei! If you want to find some night life is not easy unless you had a friend there and bring you around la.
I meet a new friend at Kuching there, He told me in Kuching not much have night life there. Is not like Miri, Labuan or KK that side are much more better!
So how??? no night life there! Me and Paul hang around at his coffee shop there for 2 nights there. His coffee shop is just behind the Tune Hotel. He told us about some Kuching story and how his father came here from China! He is a very nice guy! Next time if you people stay at Tune Hotel please don't forget to visit him and send my regard to him too!

1st night me and Paul drink 6 bottle of beers and the 2nd night finish 15 bottles.
One bottle of Carlsberg cost RM4.50 but 5 bottles cost RM20.00 remember got discount some more!