Fat Boy Racer!!!

Spot two fat boy playing car racing game at The Mall game arcade. I not try to be offended the fat people ok... just want to share with you all of what I see? I been a fat boy before but not this kind of fat la... My jean size is 42" last time then I go diet diet diet diet.. after 2 years I can wear from size 42" to 30" I lose 80 pounds almost a little boy has gone out from my body! Only my close friend know how I look like from a Fat boy to a Slim man..... but of cause noting is forever one la... After few year I'm back to a Normal fat man, now i have t wear 36" size of jean liao!

I understand that fat people always having hard time on doing some things. Like "SIT"!!! they always have to make sure the "seat" in the Cinema, Aircraft, Restaurant, Salon, Dentist, etc. must be solid and can tahan their weight!!! We people never think of that one right? Just 'sit' where ever we see a 'seat'!!! But for then are totally different... they can't sit the chair which got arm rest type one!!! They can't sit with the plastic chair like the one we always use for BBQ or Orang kahwin one.........
But this is not Kasian for them.... the most kasian one is they cannot play the game in the amusement park. They cannot play Roller Coster, Pirate Ship, Bumper Car and don't even think to sit on the LOVE BOAT or try the Virtual Ride. The worst part is they never know what if the staff had stop them playing or come down form the Mary Go Round!!!!
But this two fat boy had found their little heaven here. They not need to think of the chair will break in to a part cause it really a solid chairs. Not need to worry that it could stuck in the seat, and the best thing is they having fun with the arcade game and forget of other people eye of view!!!
But I have a few words for this 2 young man.... Give yourself a big challenge. Go for exercise and do some diet. Try to slim down as much as possible. As long as you have a heart to set a goal for yourself... sure one day you can success one.... Better just then sit down there and only your hands do the work out!!!

F.A.T=Fit And Tide.
and also
F.A.T=Firm And Tender.