I went to The Mall this afternoon of cause as usual must step inside the Apple Store once lah.
I took my own iPod Nano and compare with their display set at the retail there. As you can see from the picture there is sikit different form the lcd. My nano is got tiny line on the screen and the normal has not, somehow my screen's color are also darker and not that sharp then the normal one too. This is the reason why I want to call up to Singapore and complain for it lo.
But unfortunately the Kiulap Apple's technician told me that they haven't received the reference number of the complain form Singapore yet. And somehow today is Saturday Singapore there cannot contact them too. The technician told me that I have to come back on Monday!

I like the technician's explanation..... They haven't received the reference number!!!!! HAHAHA really so funny....... I already got the e-mail from Singapore but they haven't! What the excuse!!!
Now all I can do is wait for Monday to come. And also see what are they going to say for my Nano. I wondering is there any other excuse again!!!!!

This is their display set at the retail.

And this is my one.... can you see the different??? My screen has lines on it right?

And now I put both together as you can see the bottom one is my Nano the color of the lcd screen are darker and brownish right? And also my red color are not sharp as their one too.

Another picture to proof that I'm not wrong!