WA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!
Now Brunei also got Gangsters like the Hong Kong movie already ya!!!!
Yesterday I went to THE MALL there and saw some local youngster hang around at the food court area there. Don't know why is all about lah but seen like they GANG having a LUNDING.
For what I had the experience at the past I know this young boy is thinking that they are very COOL. I know them no dare to fight one la!!! Just want to show off only!!!

I also did that before...but not like them one la just talk only. That time we really fight or life one! I remember last time we in the National Stadium rehearsing the National Day we having a fight with other school. I remember that time we only had 15 people from our school and have to face almost 200 people from them. (dude...story too long I make it short)
We fight fight fight them run run run and last last we hide here and hide there. Me and my friend hide in the toilet T.T wait for almost an hour then baru come out!!!
Anyway... that's the old skool story already la... Now I think back it is STUPID!!!! Always fight for no reason really like a dumb ass!!!
So young man listen to Uncle LIM. That is stupid! Girls doesn't like it! People hate it! And you going to pay for it!!! SO STOP IT !

click the video and watch!