Why All Come With GREEN????

My friend Ah Ling want to complain to the DST why this time all the EASI recharge card $5, $10,$20 and the $40 one have to come with the green color background and also with flowers too accept the $10 one. She said this make her confuse many time cause all the recharge card look almost the same to her especially the $5 and $40 one.... She say oh.. normally people who selling the recharge card one always remember how the picture look like and it represent the amount of the card. But now she having the hard time of selling the card cause now she have to look for the amount which print on the card then baru can give to the customer. Especially people who want to buy $5.oo one recharge card one, She had few time almost silap given the $40 one to the customer..... So she hope that DST can concern about this thing lah cause most of the people who work in the retail shop or casher are not SCHOOL HIGH HIGH one like you people who work in DST. So please help them to make their life EASY as your card EASI too. Thanks