Who Received Zakat????

Who had received Zakat? My brother's staff lo.... and also the next shop who selling bags one of his staff too!!!
Both of them didn't came to work sudah today after they had received the Zakat.
How to work? Not need to work already.... Head of the family receives $20,000, while their dependants receive $10,000 each.But then oh..they can only withdraw 1/12, 1/36, 1/48 or 1/60 of the total amount each month.
So my brother's staff can received almost $500.00 each month, higher then her basic salary already! So why still need to work again? Siok A..... I also want ba!!!! But too bad I not qualified!!!
So the head of the family can received $800.00 per month if is older then 60 years old plus the $250.00 Duit Orang Tua. Then that's mean got $1k already lo????? Wah...this one lagi SIOK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really really not need to susah susah sudah!!!! Yahoo........