What Took You So Long O........????

Aiyo.... finally they got the new Macbook and the iMac display set out now.....!!!! Then today is my first time to see and touch this 2 new gadget. Tapi oh... I just don't understand that why Apple wanted to make the Macbook come with the rubber base??? Just now I see the material is those type like which can easily get dirty one I'm sure you need to buy a casing or what so ever to protect it. I know it really looks good with it and no other laptop has come with like that! But me still not really like that design. It only looks good when it is new but after some time sure turn dirty one the bottom. I saw the display set on the Kiulap Apple Store one already got black mark on each four corner.... But I do impress with the New iMac especially the Magic Mouse!!! It's really really COOL.... sure you gonna like it too!!! Is light and solid but too bad they not going to put it on display. You know's wireless one ma! sure easily hilang one!!! Lucky I have a change to take a look but cannot try....hahaha( better then nothing ma)

This is the Magic Mouse...

Later this evening they going to send this New Macbook, 21" and 27" iMac to The Mall!