The Important of Original!!!!!

I remember when I was very young the time we use to be watching the TV only had 3 channel. RTB, RTM 1 and RTM 2. TV3 still hardly to received at the time unless you have a powerful antenna. So when the TV program had finish at the end of the day sure got the national anthem come out one. I remember me and my sister always sing for the song.
After so many years now then I know the Malaysia national anthem"Negaraku" are copy from a Hawaii song "MAMULA MOON" sing by "Felix Mendholsson".
Now I know why so important we had to buy original stuff like CD,DVD,Software,LV Bag etc.... Do Not support PIRATE!!!
So we should not complain our national anthem why the tempo so slow and long , at least our national anthem is really MAKE IN BRUNEI.

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