No Worth For Me To Visit!!!!

This morning I received one sms from don't know whoever is it send one.... and it say come and visit the Sixth Abacus Holiday Travel Fair at The Mall bla bla bla bla........ Sekali I go there only see the all the local travel agent booth there. No free gift, No free food and drink or Free Show... But I do see the Mr.Friday Night Frankie using a mic talking there!!! But don't know what he talk about there la... cause the P.A system's sound quality are too bad!!! No worth for ME to go there and also wasted my $2.00 parking fees under The Mall lagi lah.... Sayang my money and my time nya... Maybe for those people who already planing go for travel one ok la but no for some people like us one pocket already tide tide to go lar..... really no worth to go! If let's say there is some HOT GIRLS show up at the event then is other say la at lease kan can curi mata ma right!!! But unfortunately all I see there are only Auntie and Ah Mah nya..... even the model who stand at the entrance there holding a airplane one also look like a auntie too. I spend let's then 3 minute inside there and took some photos then after that I go sudah..... Go home sleep better!!!

This is the model who holding the plane I mention! Isn't she look like a auntie already too??