Kuala Lurah Fire Burn Footage!!!

Have you heard that last night the Kuala Lurah which the Brunei's drunkers heaven have burn down??? I just know it from one of my friend. Then I when I go back home and check my facebook the time I saw one of my friend has link this footage. So I copy it out and share with you all. I not sure how serious is about the fire, but by looking the vivid video and the man taking in video ho.. it sound like very serious la... got cars burn down and also beers bye bye too. How is happen I think is because of power over load and cause the electric shock lo... impossible is the woman who sell chicken wings one the fire burn the roof kan???

But say true true one la.... now this incident already happen there kan. So in future don't know the Limbang government still can let the people to do business there or not ho? Maybe is because of it's not safety and also the Bomba are too far of the place??? So no more doing the drinking heaven there anymore. We never know kan? But if YES how??? That's mean we have no more place to enjoy drinking there liao lo??? Sayang man!!!
I remember the 1st time I went to Kuala Lurah drinking there was in 1998 if I'm not wrong la. And it's located on the hill which just next to the Limbang's immigration post's gate there. And also that day is my 1st Limbang's chop on my passport too until now I still keep it!!!