I Never Forget The Promise I've Made That Day!!!

I really love this video. You can believe that my tears drop like rains fall at the 1st time I watch this video!
It was so touching..... I'm not that kind of man that easily crying type. But I really can't help myself to stop my tears drop. Luckily my wife was sleeping at that night while I watch this, If not really Malu kali ya...!!! The reason why I felt some much touching to this video is because I also just become a father since last month and I have a baby girl too. I really IMAGINE that the baby in the video is my daughter you know!!! My Feeling really flow into the video while I watching it!
I not lying to you all! Just watch this commercial video form Thailand and remember turn on your speaker volume. Sit back and relax. Stop thinking this is a prank or ghost video I had post! I'm sure you going to like it too. Enjoy and ready for your tissue.
p/s: Make sure no one is around you and see you cry ok!!!