Financial Research!!!!

Two pretty women from the famous insurance company with the capital letter A one... and having a financial research project in THE MALL here!
Maybe so many people now are getting broke liao like me too. Otang Bank, Otang Credit Card, Pay Car Loan, Car House Loan, Pay 0% Loan, Pay This Pay That!
That's why no much money and bank saving sudah where got extra money to buy insurance kan? kan ? kan?...... Then maybe because of that the insurance sale person now have to come out to do research lioa lo!!!!
But is true true one lah... this day many people getting broke and poor sudah. Every time in the mid month already many people Bankrupt liao... Must stop spending and start saving liao! Buy stuff in Brunei not outside the contry and must support the Local products. I know most of the things are from other country but at lease we try lah right!!!