Congratulation To Chen & Sabrina !!!!!!

Wah.... my friend you very steady oh..... Kahwin also diam diam one and using Mute mode!!!
But too bad lah.... your wife pose all the picture in FB liao!!! Now let me help you to spread this good news all around the Brunei lah....

Guys...this is my old from long time liao... We use to working at the Empire Hotel before!!! He and me almost the same one... we are the people hardly wanted to get marry!!!! But no matter how we fly high high soon one day sure gonna come back to the ground....... I know they both been together already so many years sudah. Finally on the day 10/10/09 this couple get married. T.T so touching!!!!!! Anyway Bro...Congrats to both of you!!!! Wish you both Live Happily Ever After just like the Cinderella and Prince Charming. But of cause PC also will be BOTAK as same as you too after 30 years married!!!!