Believe It Or Not!!!!

Have you even heard about people say that drinking 100 plus can cure sickness ka???? Like High Fever, Sore Throat, Flu..... As long as the sick which come with Panas lah.... then is good for drinking this 100 plus, not need to eat medicine also can become good too???
I don't know lah.... But I think it work to me lo.... Maybe you think is this crazy. I can tell you this, I been more then 3 years already no go see doctor when I sick lo... Every time when I feel I'm going to have fever the time kan. I hurry hurry got the to the Kedai Kaling there and buy 2 big bottles of 100 plus and drink. I bringing the bottle with me all the time, I drink a sip every 5 minute or when ever I feel like want to drink. Just keep on doing that and finish a bottle with in 4 hours. Keep on drinking until I feel myself much better lo......

But of cause each and everyone body are different.... Maybe this matter are not suitable for everyone too. The reason why it can suit me I think is because when I caught on high fever the time oh.... my body temperature goes up but at the same time my body also losing water out from the skin too in every second every minutes. So drinking 100 plus is the best way and faster way to refill back water which our body needed and also it can cool down our body temperature too. But if you caught the flu is H1N1, then that is another story liao la... No matter you drink one container of 100 plus also no use one better go see doctor lagi good.

P/S:I'm not trying to help 100 plus to do adverting here, but just want to share my opinion and my experience. And also I want to see is there anyone of you out there also using the same matter as I am too? Please leave your let me know if you are by leaving a message in the chat box please. But of cause 100 plus is just a sport's drink and is not a Super Magic Power potions from Harry Porter.... get sick of cause better go see doctor or visit RIPAS only cost for $1.00.

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