10 Things Men Always Borrow But Never Return Back!!!

Me cannot sleep due to jaga my daughter. So I stuck in front my lappy and think of some new posting. Yesterday I had this post " Thing Do Not Lend To Your Friend" so today I analyze with this " 10 Things Men Always Borrow But Never Return Back"

1st of all.... of cause this
Money la....
This one not need I say you people also know one right!!! Start from a cent to 6 digit number. Only for those people who really don't want to OTANG money one . Then they will pay you back one... otherwise the rest were act like an idiot or activated their Ignore Mode!!!!
Even those for the big amount of otang.... no problem too... just apply bankruptcy from the High Court there, then is ok liao. But you still can see them driving BMW on the road. Mahai.... really no malu one this people!!!!

2) A4 PAPER !!!!

In the office we always have this kind of people one. No matter what department they are. Sure come to your table and ask for A4 paper one..... and never see them return for you some!!! Right ka??? Apa lah this people.. always like that.... never standby some under their table, every time just want to be easy nya! Another Mahai......

3) CD !!!!

I mention this yesterday already. So I not need to explain and analyze it anymore.
This one also The Mahai...

4) TIME !!!!

"Hey Bro~~~Where are you???"
"On The Way~ On The Way!!!!"

15 minutes ago say " on the way" but another 15 minutes still on the way~~~ A hello... this is Brunei lah~ Not in the KL or Bangkok! Apa lah this people always Janji Kaling one... Never right one time!!! Always make people wait and wait and wait for them~ really Mahai!!!


Ok lah..this one not so Mahai but still in the "Borrow And Never Return" list!!!
People really sick ma.. so no return also never mind lah!
But if a person 1 month headache 5 time and yet still ask for the medicine from you. You tell the guy better take his head go hint on the wall and die die better lah............ then this people are in the Mahai list too!!!

6) CONDOMS !!!!

Ar....... is ok.. you not need to return for me!!! Just enjoy it bro!!!
But later you finish just tell me how does it feel ok bro!!!
But if you make few hole on the condoms and give it to your friend to use lagi... then you are really a Mahai.


Class A Smoker: Got Cigarette And Also Lighter!
Class B Smoker: Got Cigarette But No Lighter!
Class C Smoker: No Cigarette But Got Lighter!
Class D Smoker: No Cigarette And No Lighter!
I call this Class D people as O.P.B= Other People's Brand! Why? because they never choose and ask what type of cigarette you having. As long as is cigarette! sure they can smoke one... and you never see they bring cigarette one, they always borrow from people. Never see they return to you a single stick of cigarette. This people are the 1st grade of Mahai smoker!!!

8) WINE or BEERS !!!!

"Hey bro.... you got beers ka? Borrow half carton can ka? Tomorrow I got go Kuala Lurah . Then I return you back lah can? Tonight emergency use......
Once they had borrow from you.....
"Lampar lah.... return your head lah. Better I drink for myself lagi good lah...."
this one sure got many people kana one lah! What can I say? Just another Mahai people!!!

9) Porno Movie !!!!

I never ever see or meet in my life that a guy willingly and guaranty wanted to return you the Porno Movie one. Got return also the no good one or he already had one of that for his Porno Collection. If he got return you sure going to ask you " A... you got some more kah??? borrow me some more lah.... I long time no see this liao o" 100% sure want to borrow more from you one..... Mahai Porno Borrower!!!

Last but not least.... Your HOT and SEXY
Aiya...... if your baby hot this type hot hot one..... sure many people wanted to borrow.
Once borrow......aiyoyo. Don't know when can see her again lo. Maybe after 20 years la....
But say true true one la.. If I have such a pretty girl with me I also takut she hook by other man also bah... The only one way to keep her is............
One night seven time feed her full full!!!
Call Sky No Reply, Call Floor No Response!!!
if you can understand this two sentences, that's mean you got school chinese school high high liao

Sure guaranty she wont leave you one!!!
p/s: but not sure how long you can tahan la....hahahaha!!!

P/S: "MAHAI" mean a person No Use,Useless, No Brain, Stupid,Idiot,Bloody Hell etc.........