What Took You So Long O........????

Aiyo.... finally they got the new Macbook and the iMac display set out now.....!!!! Then today is my first time to see and touch this 2 new gadget. Tapi oh... I just don't understand that why Apple wanted to make the Macbook come with the rubber base??? Just now I see the material is those type like which can easily get dirty one I'm sure you need to buy a casing or what so ever to protect it. I know it really looks good with it and no other laptop has come with like that! But me still not really like that design. It only looks good when it is new but after some time sure turn dirty one the bottom. I saw the display set on the Kiulap Apple Store one already got black mark on each four corner.... But I do impress with the New iMac especially the Magic Mouse!!! It's really really COOL.... sure you gonna like it too!!! Is light and solid but too bad they not going to put it on display. You know's wireless one ma! sure easily hilang one!!! Lucky I have a change to take a look but cannot try....hahaha( better then nothing ma)

This is the Magic Mouse...

Later this evening they going to send this New Macbook, 21" and 27" iMac to The Mall!

Two Thumbs Up Services!!!

Fews weeks ago I send my iPoh Nano which I just bought last month one to the Apple Store there and complain regarding the video record. Because some time oh... the video sound recording no good one it turns out got a funny cracking sound.... I not SIOK with the item which come with like this, so I send to them and ask them to check. After few weeks I received a call from them and they say it replace a new one for me. So today I got my "NEW" new iPod Nano again. Thanks for their good Apple's service then I have to RE register it on the iTunes again!!!

p/s: if you also own a new iPod Nano like my? go check yourself is there also have the same problem like my too!!! the cracking sound from the video which you record. mostly it happen on the time when people talking or on the music playing!!! If got kan hurry up bring it to the Apple store there before the warranty finish!!!

Kuala Lurah Fire Burn Footage!!!

Have you heard that last night the Kuala Lurah which the Brunei's drunkers heaven have burn down??? I just know it from one of my friend. Then I when I go back home and check my facebook the time I saw one of my friend has link this footage. So I copy it out and share with you all. I not sure how serious is about the fire, but by looking the vivid video and the man taking in video ho.. it sound like very serious la... got cars burn down and also beers bye bye too. How is happen I think is because of power over load and cause the electric shock lo... impossible is the woman who sell chicken wings one the fire burn the roof kan???

But say true true one la.... now this incident already happen there kan. So in future don't know the Limbang government still can let the people to do business there or not ho? Maybe is because of it's not safety and also the Bomba are too far of the place??? So no more doing the drinking heaven there anymore. We never know kan? But if YES how??? That's mean we have no more place to enjoy drinking there liao lo??? Sayang man!!!
I remember the 1st time I went to Kuala Lurah drinking there was in 1998 if I'm not wrong la. And it's located on the hill which just next to the Limbang's immigration post's gate there. And also that day is my 1st Limbang's chop on my passport too until now I still keep it!!!

No Worth For Me To Visit!!!!

This morning I received one sms from don't know whoever is it send one.... and it say come and visit the Sixth Abacus Holiday Travel Fair at The Mall bla bla bla bla........ Sekali I go there only see the all the local travel agent booth there. No free gift, No free food and drink or Free Show... But I do see the Mr.Friday Night Frankie using a mic talking there!!! But don't know what he talk about there la... cause the P.A system's sound quality are too bad!!! No worth for ME to go there and also wasted my $2.00 parking fees under The Mall lagi lah.... Sayang my money and my time nya... Maybe for those people who already planing go for travel one ok la but no for some people like us one pocket already tide tide to go lar..... really no worth to go! If let's say there is some HOT GIRLS show up at the event then is other say la at lease kan can curi mata ma right!!! But unfortunately all I see there are only Auntie and Ah Mah nya..... even the model who stand at the entrance there holding a airplane one also look like a auntie too. I spend let's then 3 minute inside there and took some photos then after that I go sudah..... Go home sleep better!!!

This is the model who holding the plane I mention! Isn't she look like a auntie already too??

Believe It Or Not!!!!

Have you even heard about people say that drinking 100 plus can cure sickness ka???? Like High Fever, Sore Throat, Flu..... As long as the sick which come with Panas lah.... then is good for drinking this 100 plus, not need to eat medicine also can become good too???
I don't know lah.... But I think it work to me lo.... Maybe you think is this crazy. I can tell you this, I been more then 3 years already no go see doctor when I sick lo... Every time when I feel I'm going to have fever the time kan. I hurry hurry got the to the Kedai Kaling there and buy 2 big bottles of 100 plus and drink. I bringing the bottle with me all the time, I drink a sip every 5 minute or when ever I feel like want to drink. Just keep on doing that and finish a bottle with in 4 hours. Keep on drinking until I feel myself much better lo......

But of cause each and everyone body are different.... Maybe this matter are not suitable for everyone too. The reason why it can suit me I think is because when I caught on high fever the time oh.... my body temperature goes up but at the same time my body also losing water out from the skin too in every second every minutes. So drinking 100 plus is the best way and faster way to refill back water which our body needed and also it can cool down our body temperature too. But if you caught the flu is H1N1, then that is another story liao la... No matter you drink one container of 100 plus also no use one better go see doctor lagi good.

P/S:I'm not trying to help 100 plus to do adverting here, but just want to share my opinion and my experience. And also I want to see is there anyone of you out there also using the same matter as I am too? Please leave your let me know if you are by leaving a message in the chat box please. But of cause 100 plus is just a sport's drink and is not a Super Magic Power potions from Harry Porter.... get sick of cause better go see doctor or visit RIPAS only cost for $1.00.

Comment from the readers!!!


How to beat your lovely wife and yet without a lawsuit of abusing your wife??? Very simple, just go download "Face Fighter" and install in your iPod Touch or iPhone. And now you can just like me beat my beautiful wife until you yourself laughing like hell. This is a very funny apps from APPY. Share this with your friends and family but not your enemy or your boss. You can use this to enjoy beating your "Mighty" boss, General Manager, Head of Department,Supervisor or your husband's X girlfriend, Scandal or the MAHAI... whoever lah as long you so marah them. But you must think how to take their picture 1st la...

10 Things Men Always Borrow But Never Return Back!!!

Me cannot sleep due to jaga my daughter. So I stuck in front my lappy and think of some new posting. Yesterday I had this post " Thing Do Not Lend To Your Friend" so today I analyze with this " 10 Things Men Always Borrow But Never Return Back"

1st of all.... of cause this
Money la....
This one not need I say you people also know one right!!! Start from a cent to 6 digit number. Only for those people who really don't want to OTANG money one . Then they will pay you back one... otherwise the rest were act like an idiot or activated their Ignore Mode!!!!
Even those for the big amount of otang.... no problem too... just apply bankruptcy from the High Court there, then is ok liao. But you still can see them driving BMW on the road. Mahai.... really no malu one this people!!!!

2) A4 PAPER !!!!

In the office we always have this kind of people one. No matter what department they are. Sure come to your table and ask for A4 paper one..... and never see them return for you some!!! Right ka??? Apa lah this people.. always like that.... never standby some under their table, every time just want to be easy nya! Another Mahai......

3) CD !!!!

I mention this yesterday already. So I not need to explain and analyze it anymore.
This one also The Mahai...

4) TIME !!!!

"Hey Bro~~~Where are you???"
"On The Way~ On The Way!!!!"

15 minutes ago say " on the way" but another 15 minutes still on the way~~~ A hello... this is Brunei lah~ Not in the KL or Bangkok! Apa lah this people always Janji Kaling one... Never right one time!!! Always make people wait and wait and wait for them~ really Mahai!!!


Ok lah..this one not so Mahai but still in the "Borrow And Never Return" list!!!
People really sick ma.. so no return also never mind lah!
But if a person 1 month headache 5 time and yet still ask for the medicine from you. You tell the guy better take his head go hint on the wall and die die better lah............ then this people are in the Mahai list too!!!

6) CONDOMS !!!!

Ar....... is ok.. you not need to return for me!!! Just enjoy it bro!!!
But later you finish just tell me how does it feel ok bro!!!
But if you make few hole on the condoms and give it to your friend to use lagi... then you are really a Mahai.


Class A Smoker: Got Cigarette And Also Lighter!
Class B Smoker: Got Cigarette But No Lighter!
Class C Smoker: No Cigarette But Got Lighter!
Class D Smoker: No Cigarette And No Lighter!
I call this Class D people as O.P.B= Other People's Brand! Why? because they never choose and ask what type of cigarette you having. As long as is cigarette! sure they can smoke one... and you never see they bring cigarette one, they always borrow from people. Never see they return to you a single stick of cigarette. This people are the 1st grade of Mahai smoker!!!

8) WINE or BEERS !!!!

"Hey bro.... you got beers ka? Borrow half carton can ka? Tomorrow I got go Kuala Lurah . Then I return you back lah can? Tonight emergency use......
Once they had borrow from you.....
"Lampar lah.... return your head lah. Better I drink for myself lagi good lah...."
this one sure got many people kana one lah! What can I say? Just another Mahai people!!!

9) Porno Movie !!!!

I never ever see or meet in my life that a guy willingly and guaranty wanted to return you the Porno Movie one. Got return also the no good one or he already had one of that for his Porno Collection. If he got return you sure going to ask you " A... you got some more kah??? borrow me some more lah.... I long time no see this liao o" 100% sure want to borrow more from you one..... Mahai Porno Borrower!!!

Last but not least.... Your HOT and SEXY
Aiya...... if your baby hot this type hot hot one..... sure many people wanted to borrow.
Once borrow......aiyoyo. Don't know when can see her again lo. Maybe after 20 years la....
But say true true one la.. If I have such a pretty girl with me I also takut she hook by other man also bah... The only one way to keep her is............
One night seven time feed her full full!!!
Call Sky No Reply, Call Floor No Response!!!
if you can understand this two sentences, that's mean you got school chinese school high high liao

Sure guaranty she wont leave you one!!!
p/s: but not sure how long you can tahan la....hahahaha!!!

P/S: "MAHAI" mean a person No Use,Useless, No Brain, Stupid,Idiot,Bloody Hell etc.........

Thing Do Not Lend To Your Friends!!!

Here are the things that I suggest do not lend to your friends. No matter how good is your relationship between you and his or her just don't lend to them. Take my advise, I had a lot of this kind of experience sudah one!!!

1) Don't not lend any DISC to your friends. Doesn't matter CD,DVD or VCD as long as a disc.... Once they borrow from you!!! Siap.... you don't expect they going to return it back to you one lar... 95% sure no return one liao. They going to think that that is belongs to them one liao!!!
Don't ask me why!!! Cause I also don't know why!!! Maybe those people think that " It just only a DISC!!!!! Is not a BIG Deal anyway.... maybe he/she forget already too or maybe he/she boring with it sudah or don't want already!!! whatever la.
I had losed more then a hundred CD sudah from the day I bought my 1st cd(Bart Simpson) until now. Where it goes??? Friends borrow and never return lo!!!
If you ask from them "where is the disc you borrow from me that day ha????"
80% they say" Oh ya ho....... I forgot already.... Bah I go home and find it!"
If you see them again and ask for it 85% they'll say " Oh ya ho..... I don't remember where I put sudah...bah bah bah. I try to find it again lah"
And then oh... when you see them again and ask for it and 90% sure say" My friend borrow it sudah that day!!! But don't worry I look for him later!!!"
SIAP lar.... if like that the DISC sure no hope liao lah...............
If you see them again after few month and ask for it...... 100% sure they say

Mahai......... I really can't tahan this kind of people one..... GOT BORROW,GOT RETURN lah...
Trust me feller.... I believe there is a lot of people kana like my case too. The reason why we never fight back of our disc is because of we don't want just because of a small disc then break the friendship. RIGHT? But in our heart sometime we really piss off bah.....
But now let me tell you how to avoid from this thing happen!!! If next time your friends or whoever want to borrow the disc from you. All you can say is

but make sure the "FRIEND" is not the friend of the friend they know!!!
If they ask which friend??? then you better say is the "neighbor friend la....." Mostly your friends never know who is your neighbor friend one...
Trust Me!!! It Works!!! If not work you let me know~ I think another way to cone your friends!
p/s: Say true true one lah...... I also the one who always borrow disc from people and never return one!!! No body is perfect OK!!!!

Why All Come With GREEN????

My friend Ah Ling want to complain to the DST why this time all the EASI recharge card $5, $10,$20 and the $40 one have to come with the green color background and also with flowers too accept the $10 one. She said this make her confuse many time cause all the recharge card look almost the same to her especially the $5 and $40 one.... She say oh.. normally people who selling the recharge card one always remember how the picture look like and it represent the amount of the card. But now she having the hard time of selling the card cause now she have to look for the amount which print on the card then baru can give to the customer. Especially people who want to buy $5.oo one recharge card one, She had few time almost silap given the $40 one to the customer..... So she hope that DST can concern about this thing lah cause most of the people who work in the retail shop or casher are not SCHOOL HIGH HIGH one like you people who work in DST. So please help them to make their life EASY as your card EASI too. Thanks

I Never Forget The Promise I've Made That Day!!!

I really love this video. You can believe that my tears drop like rains fall at the 1st time I watch this video!
It was so touching..... I'm not that kind of man that easily crying type. But I really can't help myself to stop my tears drop. Luckily my wife was sleeping at that night while I watch this, If not really Malu kali ya...!!! The reason why I felt some much touching to this video is because I also just become a father since last month and I have a baby girl too. I really IMAGINE that the baby in the video is my daughter you know!!! My Feeling really flow into the video while I watching it!
I not lying to you all! Just watch this commercial video form Thailand and remember turn on your speaker volume. Sit back and relax. Stop thinking this is a prank or ghost video I had post! I'm sure you going to like it too. Enjoy and ready for your tissue.
p/s: Make sure no one is around you and see you cry ok!!!

No Pok No Pok!!!!!

In Singapore 2 Chinese man went to a India food stall and kacau a Indian. Both of them keep wanted order food cooked with pork!!! Really funny..... If this is in Brunei sure kana tampa sudah!!!

Who Received Zakat????

Who had received Zakat? My brother's staff lo.... and also the next shop who selling bags one of his staff too!!!
Both of them didn't came to work sudah today after they had received the Zakat.
How to work? Not need to work already.... Head of the family receives $20,000, while their dependants receive $10,000 each.But then oh..they can only withdraw 1/12, 1/36, 1/48 or 1/60 of the total amount each month.
So my brother's staff can received almost $500.00 each month, higher then her basic salary already! So why still need to work again? Siok A..... I also want ba!!!! But too bad I not qualified!!!
So the head of the family can received $800.00 per month if is older then 60 years old plus the $250.00 Duit Orang Tua. Then that's mean got $1k already lo????? Wah...this one lagi SIOK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really really not need to susah susah sudah!!!! Yahoo........

Never Getting Boring If I'm Around You!!!

Yesterday I in the mall the there to jaga the kedai baju and at the mean time no people doing the shopping so we try to having fun there lah. Singing together with my friends and we laugh like hell there. Maybe next time we should try to do some drama act too!!!

Financial Research!!!!

Two pretty women from the famous insurance company with the capital letter A one... and having a financial research project in THE MALL here!
Maybe so many people now are getting broke liao like me too. Otang Bank, Otang Credit Card, Pay Car Loan, Car House Loan, Pay 0% Loan, Pay This Pay That!
That's why no much money and bank saving sudah where got extra money to buy insurance kan? kan ? kan?...... Then maybe because of that the insurance sale person now have to come out to do research lioa lo!!!!
But is true true one lah... this day many people getting broke and poor sudah. Every time in the mid month already many people Bankrupt liao... Must stop spending and start saving liao! Buy stuff in Brunei not outside the contry and must support the Local products. I know most of the things are from other country but at lease we try lah right!!!

Yamaha Fino vs Nissan GTR!!!

Spotted a brand new Nissan GTR driven out from the Bousted today. It also on the way to the Gadong Mall too. So me tak mau kala and went to challenge the driver lah!
Who won the race???
Watch the video then you know lo!!!!


Why????? Why???? Why?????

Why all the man sure fall in love with the Ferrari one kan???? Me also one of the Ferrari's fans for so many years! I think man are born to be in love with it!
Today me try sit on my friend's new wife just married 3 months ago the F450.
How does it feel??? Speechless...Si Bay Song( dam siok man)
Now then I know there is no gear nop inside the car one. it need to push a botton one! Steady la the design. I wonder when I have the money to get one of this oh....

I Hate You!!!!

Don't know why I always easily get bite by the mosquito one lah????? Since dari dulu dulu until now the mosquito like to suck my blood one. I really hate them. If the God give me a WISH kan , I wish all the mosquito suck out to the space by using a giant vacuum cleaner!!! I know this is impossible one lah!
Since from the day when my baby born until now. I turn to a Mosquito Buster. As long as I see mosquito no matter when or where.....sure I going to kill them all die!!!! Is it all the new parents are like that ka???? To do everything just to protect their children even can sacrifice their own life!!! I wander what is this call by the symptom??? Mother Nature????

Congratulation To Chen & Sabrina !!!!!!

Wah.... my friend you very steady oh..... Kahwin also diam diam one and using Mute mode!!!
But too bad lah.... your wife pose all the picture in FB liao!!! Now let me help you to spread this good news all around the Brunei lah....

Guys...this is my old from long time liao... We use to working at the Empire Hotel before!!! He and me almost the same one... we are the people hardly wanted to get marry!!!! But no matter how we fly high high soon one day sure gonna come back to the ground....... I know they both been together already so many years sudah. Finally on the day 10/10/09 this couple get married. T.T so touching!!!!!! Anyway Bro...Congrats to both of you!!!! Wish you both Live Happily Ever After just like the Cinderella and Prince Charming. But of cause PC also will be BOTAK as same as you too after 30 years married!!!!

Boys And Girls..... Do Not Try This At Home!!!

This bloody stupid chinese boy teach this grandmother how to read @#$%&^%#
Just because the grandmother don't know english doesn't mean she deserved it one lah....
This guy really Kurang Ajar man... If his is my son sure I'm going to kick him out of the house.
But say true true one lah... this video really funny!!!!

TIGER.LIM™ Jacket!!!

Few days ago I went to this AEWON which located at the Kampong Kiarong and ask for the quotation of making either Tee or Polo shirt. I thinking of giving this for some of my fans regarding the celebration of my blog 3 years anniversary. It come with 2 colors either Black or White.
But before I got their quotation I bought a jacket there for myself first lah! I also thinking giving this jacket to my fans too depends on my budget lah!!!! Maybe have to looking for someone to sponsors me.......
I haven't come out any design yet, maybe I just make it simple and nice just like the jacket one. Just only wording nya.....

The Important of Original!!!!!

I remember when I was very young the time we use to be watching the TV only had 3 channel. RTB, RTM 1 and RTM 2. TV3 still hardly to received at the time unless you have a powerful antenna. So when the TV program had finish at the end of the day sure got the national anthem come out one. I remember me and my sister always sing for the song.
After so many years now then I know the Malaysia national anthem"Negaraku" are copy from a Hawaii song "MAMULA MOON" sing by "Felix Mendholsson".
Now I know why so important we had to buy original stuff like CD,DVD,Software,LV Bag etc.... Do Not support PIRATE!!!
So we should not complain our national anthem why the tempo so slow and long , at least our national anthem is really MAKE IN BRUNEI.

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