Now Then I Know!!!!

First time in my life I buy Milk Powder!!! It so complicated my friends...... What DHA, SA,2 oz 3 oz ,1-12 months, 1-3 years old. good for brain, for health , for this , for that!!! Aiyo sak sak I!!! Last last i buy salah lagi! so went again to Hua Ho with my sister and change. Lucky can change if not sayang the money and milk!
Now then I know a 900g of Milk Powder are more expensive then a carton of TIGER BEER!!! No wonder man like a big boo woman.... so can save $$$ to buy milk!!!
Maybe in future I want to make a MILK REVIEW in my blog too! My baby is the one who give the comment!!! hahaha... good right!!!

Please watch the video below!!! This is the video I make just now is about the sticker that stick on the milk container. And I know why sudah!!!