My Buttock Itchy!!!!

Today went to the Apple store at the The Mall there to compare my new Nano 5th generation which I just bought 4 days ago with the 4th generation see what he different? My is the one on the left.As you can see the screen had much bigger then the old one and the controller also smaller too!!!
Then my buttock itchy itchy buy an iPod again. This time is a iPod Touch!!! Buy for my wife one... to thanks her born me a beautiful baby girl 2 days ago!!! I know that she want t iPhone but too bad Apple store there NO STOCK!!! some how have to WAITING LIST again lah!!! So can't wait that long I no choice so just bought this iPod Touch to Tahan Tahan 1st lah!!! Luckily she is happy with it lah... and she said she don't want to get the iPhone sudah!!!! SAVED!!!!

Then I also bought a Japan Pussy Cat doll for my lovely daughter. I bought it from my friend's shop i~Best. Maybe in future this doll will become my daughter 's BELACAN!!!!