My Birthday's Meal!!!

Time goes so fast, can't believe that I had turned to 35 years old already. Sign..... feel like I just graduated my high school few years ago lah!!!
Anyway on my birthday that day I ate this Roti Plaster. But I like to call this "Roti telor atas dan bawah" which mean the India bread with the eggs on top and bottom.
The reason I like to eat in this way is because it can taste the eggs more delicious and crispy and I suggest to eat this with their Mutton Sauce. You may want to ask me which India restaurant is this right? As usual lo the one in Batu 1 in front of the Thien Thien chicken rice one lo!
I give this 4 stars
Dinner I had this Mix Sashimi Don at the Japanese restaurant(at Kiulap new open) which treated by my mother in law.
All of sudden I realize that I don't know how to give a comment for this. Cause everything is raw except the eggs. what should I say? Oh the salmons are raw, fresh and oily and the octopus are just nice with not cooked!!! Hahahah.... Anyway I know that not all the people can take Sashimi and accept eat with raw! But I'm ok with this meal it didn't disappointed me! I give this 4 stars too!!!