If you see this people at The Mall or some other place like food court or restaurant. Do not donate money to her!!! They are the people from China who come here and TIPU your money. They like to target the people who having meal or coffee in the cafe or food court.They show you a small card that saying they are the people who can't hear and talk. They need you kindly donation for the people and children by buying a small gift!!!
But let me telling you this!!! this people mostly are LIAR. They go around Brunei and Malaysia to tipu duit one!!! I saw a chinese man with a laptop bag(DELL) and talking with the phone( Nokia e61) is together with this lady!!! I should bring my camcorder and capture them! Maybe tomorrow they come again in The MAll!!! Then I show you all much better view for the video!!! I wonder can we report this to the police or not??? I just don't like to see this China People come here and Tipu kami orang Brunei!!! Just because of we are the nation who easily kasian people but doesn't mean that we deserve to be cheated.