A Indo Maid Ask For Help!!!

Yesterday a Indon maid from my neighborhood asking for help from my maid! She told my maid that how her lady boss treat her bad. The boss not allow her to use washing machine to wash cloth, must use her hand to wash. As you can see from this video her hand like already Korap!!! Kasian lah..... And I heard that she don't even have a cent with her!!! Cause her boss keep the money for her only wait until the day she bring her to remit all the money back to Indonesia!!! But the problem is the indon maid also need some money to buy something for self rigth! Like girl stuff have to use every month. Shampoo, Sabun etc....
Sometime the boss not allow her to eat too. My maid said she use to be fat too but now I saw her is like only 40kg.
My maid told me that she need to borrow some money from other maid to buy thing but of cause she have pay back too.
At the end of the day my mother see her so kasian and ask our maid give her some sweet potato to bring back to cook!!!!