Careless Mother @ Kiulap Hua Ho!!!

There's a Chinese careless mother I from either Miri or Limbang one lah( how I know? because of of her car number lo..)
Had locked her baby in the car with the car engine started at the Kiulap Hua Ho this afternoon!!! Her baby was slept at that time at the passenger sit, lucky the aircon is on!!! Then I busy body use my nano to take video. Of cause I also got help lah.... we use a metal ruler to open. just less then 5 minute everything verything done and the baby is safe too!!!
How come the mother can lock the baby inside the car? she told me that her 5 years old daughter lock it one.... But I don't believe what she say la. Everyone also know that only the passenger and the driver side door can do the center lock, how can her daughter lock the car from behind yet the car keys is still in the car with the engine on!!!
A big mistake happen sometime is because the people make a small convenient.
I think this Chinese lady had learn a good lesson this time!!!