If you see this people at The Mall or some other place like food court or restaurant. Do not donate money to her!!! They are the people from China who come here and TIPU your money. They like to target the people who having meal or coffee in the cafe or food court.They show you a small card that saying they are the people who can't hear and talk. They need you kindly donation for the people and children by buying a small gift!!!
But let me telling you this!!! this people mostly are LIAR. They go around Brunei and Malaysia to tipu duit one!!! I saw a chinese man with a laptop bag(DELL) and talking with the phone( Nokia e61) is together with this lady!!! I should bring my camcorder and capture them! Maybe tomorrow they come again in The MAll!!! Then I show you all much better view for the video!!! I wonder can we report this to the police or not??? I just don't like to see this China People come here and Tipu kami orang Brunei!!! Just because of we are the nation who easily kasian people but doesn't mean that we deserve to be cheated.

Oh...Come on... Not Again lah!!!!

Happy 3 Years Anniversary!!!!!

Thank you thank you.......... Thank you for everyone that so supportive of my blog!
Finally my blog had turn 3 years old today. I never expected my blog last this long. I hope it can have another 3 years and 3 years and 3 years again!
Wishes for my blog! " Post more funny,creative and information in the blog!!!


Last night one of my friend who work in the mobile phone accessory shop demonstrate to me how to fix a eye lashes.... The reason why she want to do it here is because after work she want to visit her friend and relative's house for Hari Raya!!!

Thank You!!!

Thanks for the reader " Human Rights " that sharing my post " A Indon Maid Ask For Help!!! " in the Weekend BB Opinion today.

Youngest Baby Sitter In The World!!!

Watch the video how my sister 2 years old daughter baby sit my 4 days baby!!! She is so mad with the maid that talk so loud and talk too much there and can't let her to enjoy the moment baby sit... then she order the maid to GO away!!! So serious lah her face look. I so like this video can't tahan must share to you all!!!

Now Then I Know!!!!

First time in my life I buy Milk Powder!!! It so complicated my friends...... What DHA, SA,2 oz 3 oz ,1-12 months, 1-3 years old. good for brain, for health , for this , for that!!! Aiyo sak sak I!!! Last last i buy salah lagi! so went again to Hua Ho with my sister and change. Lucky can change if not sayang the money and milk!
Now then I know a 900g of Milk Powder are more expensive then a carton of TIGER BEER!!! No wonder man like a big boo woman.... so can save $$$ to buy milk!!!
Maybe in future I want to make a MILK REVIEW in my blog too! My baby is the one who give the comment!!! hahaha... good right!!!

Please watch the video below!!! This is the video I make just now is about the sticker that stick on the milk container. And I know why sudah!!!

Careless Mother @ Kiulap Hua Ho!!!

There's a Chinese careless mother I from either Miri or Limbang one lah( how I know? because of of her car number lo..)
Had locked her baby in the car with the car engine started at the Kiulap Hua Ho this afternoon!!! Her baby was slept at that time at the passenger sit, lucky the aircon is on!!! Then I busy body use my nano to take video. Of cause I also got help lah.... we use a metal ruler to open. just less then 5 minute everything verything done and the baby is safe too!!!
How come the mother can lock the baby inside the car? she told me that her 5 years old daughter lock it one.... But I don't believe what she say la. Everyone also know that only the passenger and the driver side door can do the center lock, how can her daughter lock the car from behind yet the car keys is still in the car with the engine on!!!
A big mistake happen sometime is because the people make a small convenient.
I think this Chinese lady had learn a good lesson this time!!!

Water Pox!!!

Painful lah..... yesterday went to The Mall using my brother's bike. When I arrived there and park the bike at the basement kan, I try to lock my helmet at the bike time my right leg kena the exhaust pipe. The mother so hot man...... sekali I went home I see the water pox grow as big as a 50 cent!! Not the US rapper 50 cent lah.....
I know that if today the water brake sure gonna very hurt one tu... boleh!!!

My Buttock Itchy!!!!

Today went to the Apple store at the The Mall there to compare my new Nano 5th generation which I just bought 4 days ago with the 4th generation see what he different? My is the one on the left.As you can see the screen had much bigger then the old one and the controller also smaller too!!!
Then my buttock itchy itchy buy an iPod again. This time is a iPod Touch!!! Buy for my wife one... to thanks her born me a beautiful baby girl 2 days ago!!! I know that she want t iPhone but too bad Apple store there NO STOCK!!! some how have to WAITING LIST again lah!!! So can't wait that long I no choice so just bought this iPod Touch to Tahan Tahan 1st lah!!! Luckily she is happy with it lah... and she said she don't want to get the iPhone sudah!!!! SAVED!!!!

Then I also bought a Japan Pussy Cat doll for my lovely daughter. I bought it from my friend's shop i~Best. Maybe in future this doll will become my daughter 's BELACAN!!!!

Look Alike!!!

Guys....check it out my brother's daughter. Isn't she look alike the boy in the cartoon movie UP? The eyes, nose, eyebrow, mouth, chin and also the body too look so same ar...hahahah!!

Nyamok Bite My Baby!!!

Baby Back Home!!!

My new born baby!!!

Remember few days ago I had post a video My baby move in the belly? Now she is ready to meet you all.

Unbox New iPod Nano 5G!!!

My Baby's New Bed!!!

Yesterday bought some LED lampu CUCUL at the BOBBY Electrical at the Gadong Abdul Razak Shopping Complex. At first my sister just want to use the lights for the coming MOON CAKE FESTIVAL decoration. Traditionally we chinese use the TANLONG to hang around the house, but this year we both thinking to try on other way. We want o use the LED lights to hand on the trees and the house on make a different moon cake festival this year.
Sekali I try on the LED lights hahaha... guess what!!!! I decide to decorate my baby bed too.... hahaha.

Watch it!!!

A Indo Maid Ask For Help!!!

Yesterday a Indon maid from my neighborhood asking for help from my maid! She told my maid that how her lady boss treat her bad. The boss not allow her to use washing machine to wash cloth, must use her hand to wash. As you can see from this video her hand like already Korap!!! Kasian lah..... And I heard that she don't even have a cent with her!!! Cause her boss keep the money for her only wait until the day she bring her to remit all the money back to Indonesia!!! But the problem is the indon maid also need some money to buy something for self rigth! Like girl stuff have to use every month. Shampoo, Sabun etc....
Sometime the boss not allow her to eat too. My maid said she use to be fat too but now I saw her is like only 40kg.
My maid told me that she need to borrow some money from other maid to buy thing but of cause she have pay back too.
At the end of the day my mother see her so kasian and ask our maid give her some sweet potato to bring back to cook!!!!

Watch My Baby Move In The Belly!!!

Watch my baby move inside the mother belly video. It so amazing!!! You can actually see my baby doing stretching with the two hands. Friends and families they all also can't wait for my baby to come out already. I hope by posting this video my baby can come out as soon as possible.

This video contain my wife face and her Big Giant Belly picture. If you are not comfortable with this scene please don't not click the PLAY button.

I Can't Stand No More!!!

I cannot tahan sudah la..... Today first thing in the morning I do is went to the Apple store at THE MALL to get this the new iPod Nano 5th Generation!!! And I choose the color mostly people don't like! "GREEN"!!!! So not much people have the same Nano have! I bought the 8GB one and it cost $228.00 but if you pay with credit card it cost you $236.00.
I going to Unbox it when my baby is going to born and I going to use it taking my baby 1st video.

New Ipod Nano Touch Down!!!

Yes..... finally the new ipod has arrive today!I just call my friend who work in The Mall Apple store that he told me they have come with all the colors. The 8GB cost $228.00 same as Singapore too but they also drop down the 8GB Ipoh Touch price from $388.00 to $318.00. Now what should I do????? Should I get the new Nano or the Ipod Touch I wanted long time ago!!!!!! Oh god help me!!! I'm going to get one as soon as possible!

Hot View Video In Brunei!!!

This two day there is 2 video are very hot now. The KB Buaya and the Buang Anak video!
I took it out from the Facebook and edit it together. Thanks to people who took that video and post in FB!

Baby Sitter !!!!

I baby sit for my sister's baby....
her name is call Hiko and we are watching ULTRAMAN video at the Youtube. So I boring boring the time use the Mac's Photo Booth to take this video!!!

New Ipod Nano!!!

The new Ipod Nano finally have new release this week. It come with built in camera this time! I think this is the first music player come with camera in the world cool right!!! You can record anything whatever you like and it comes with fifteen fun video effects let you add a little Hollywood to your video. But too bad it can use for taking picture only for video!

I think I going to get one of this use this as my routine exercise and also record some video and post in my site! As well as the Ipod Touch also going to reduce the price soon. Can't wait for this thing happen.

8GB S$228.00 16GB S$288.00

Hate Me Or Love Me!!!!

Some people love, Some people hate me. No matter what is your decision I still want to post it!
Last night I went to tapao the Lo San's kolomee for supper and enjoy it together with my wife. I decide post it on the Facebook and then I realize that is the best way to kacau your friends in the late night while they are still in FB!!!

My Birthday's Meal!!!

Time goes so fast, can't believe that I had turned to 35 years old already. Sign..... feel like I just graduated my high school few years ago lah!!!
Anyway on my birthday that day I ate this Roti Plaster. But I like to call this "Roti telor atas dan bawah" which mean the India bread with the eggs on top and bottom.
The reason I like to eat in this way is because it can taste the eggs more delicious and crispy and I suggest to eat this with their Mutton Sauce. You may want to ask me which India restaurant is this right? As usual lo the one in Batu 1 in front of the Thien Thien chicken rice one lo!
I give this 4 stars
Dinner I had this Mix Sashimi Don at the Japanese restaurant(at Kiulap new open) which treated by my mother in law.
All of sudden I realize that I don't know how to give a comment for this. Cause everything is raw except the eggs. what should I say? Oh the salmons are raw, fresh and oily and the octopus are just nice with not cooked!!! Hahahah.... Anyway I know that not all the people can take Sashimi and accept eat with raw! But I'm ok with this meal it didn't disappointed me! I give this 4 stars too!!!


Showing off my Macbook which I download an apps from here is call "MacSaber"
Are you a Starwars fans like me and own a Macbook? If yes I think you should try this and it's free!
MacSaber uses your Mac's sudden motion sensor to detect movement, fast and slow. As you move your laptop, MacSaber plays varying levels of Light Saber sound effects, from a waving sound to exciting saber crasher.
Enjoy watching my video!!!
And May The Force Be With You!!!

How TO Play The Rubber Seed???

Many of the youngster now they don't know what is the rubber seed and don't expect they know how to play with it. And I don't think they think what's the fun of hitting the seed too!!!
Let me tell you this boys and girls.... this is the Freebie toys we use to have!!! And you need to go inside the jungle to look for yourself! Your father mother uncle anty Ah kong Ah ma used to play with this one you know!!! Ok lah... I know you people life now cannot compare with us lah. Anyway... Let's the Uncle Lim and Auntie Lim to show you how to play with it lah!!!