Rubber's Seed!!!!

While I doing my hiking in the Tasik Lama and I found this rubber's seed. Now is the season of playing this thing! It remind me when I was young we use to look for this in the jungle. We don't afraid of mosquito, don't bother we were lost in the jungle or bite by the snake! All we want to do is look as much as possible for this seed!
After that we use this to hit on each other seeds. Think back it do have a lot of fun!!!!
BUT........ When I show this rubber seed to the few new generation age between 15 to 20 in the Mall there(which now I help my brother look after his shop) they don't know what the hell is this! Someone told me this is a seed(which is correct but don't know what seed is this) and some even more worse... they said this is a BUG..... OMG.... Now day youngster spent too much time indoor with their PSP,PS2 or P whatever!!! They should come out from the room and see what is outside the house lah!!!!!
Now then I realize many of the youngster don't know how to play GULI. Don't know how to fly the KITE. Don't know where to get Free Fruits. Don't know how to cook Maggi Mee without the GAS!!!

HEY YOUNG MAN!!!!!! Is not that I look down at you peoples!!!! But true true,betul betul one... we have more FUN ever then you YOUNG people now!!!!

70's....Peace!!! 80's.......Fun!!!! 90'!!! But come to 00's...... speechless T.T