My Secret Receipt Breakfast!!!!!!

Hello guys. Today I want to teach you how to make my favorite secret receipt breakfast!!!
I name this as "UNCLE LIM BREAKFAST" is very simple to make!!!

This is the ingredients :Double Sausages
Double Rotis
Double Telors
Rectangle Frying Pan
Little bit of cooking minyak
fried the sausage 1st and make it even( Cerai-cerai )
Then hit your two "eggs" into the pan.
p/s: Do not stir it!
Then when the eggs still half cook place the ROTI on top!!!
When you think it cooked. turn off the fire then you place a plate on top the pan.
After that " TURN IT UP SIDE DOWN "
TA DA........ look nice right????
Then oh..... spread some Mayonis
And Tomato SOS
And It's ready to be serve!!!
This is how it look inside the "Uncle Lim Breakfast"
Sometime do put "Double Cheese" too
Hope you like my 'SECRET RECEIPT'