I Found Ling Zhi (靈芝) In Tasik Lama!!!

This afternoon I went Tasik Lama~( as usual doing my routine exercise) and I found this LING ZHI 靈芝 there!!! LING ZHI is a kind of Chinese Medicine and it can be use in many way!!! If you want to know more about LING ZHI 靈芝 please click here!!!
Anyway... I heard the oldskool people said if you found this kind of thing you are very lucky one!!! Cause it rare to see this and hard to find in the jungle!!! And you must have FATE 緣份 with the LING ZHI then baru you can find them!!!! I think I must have FATE and LUCK lah yah!!!!

But the question is.........
Is this the LING ZHI of the LING ZHI kah???? Is this the LING ZHI that can eat or be medicine kah???
Cause in this world there is more then thousand of mushroom and somehow mostly got poison.
I think the only way to find out is to bring this to the new open Chinese Medicine shop in Kiulap liao!!! Or bring to UBD and ask the Scientist there to check lo!!!!

This is the place I found her!!! Infect she cover by those leafs and stick!!! I just don't know why all of sudden I look down and see her there!!!! Is it what they call FATE???
She almost a feet wide, it's bigger then my palm!!!
A close up picture of her!!!
Ok so this is another type of mushroom I found in the jungle. I don't know what is the name of this! But you can compare this and the ling zhi see how big is it!!!
Look at that!!!! Is huge man...... So next time if you guys like to hiking like me too, please slow down your foot step and spend some time to look at the jungle which what we have in our Tropical Forest!!! I'm sure you will find something you never expect to see there!!! Trust me!!!
And the most important thing is "PLESE KEEP IT CLEAN" in the jungle.
Now this are the pictures I took there too!!! All the photos are took by my NOKIA E71!!!
Anyone know what is this???
I found the "SMURF"'s kampong!!!
PAPA SMURF.......... Where are you????

I found this Unknown fruits!!! I don't think it can been eaten cause it have a lot sticky-sticky milk there!!!
And I saw someone wrote the word "ALLAH" on this tree there!!!
Thanks for the person whoever is that blessing us for safe in the jungle!!!