Berakas Siham Fried Kueh Tiao!!!!!!

Me long time no talk about food review liao ho......
Ok lah! Today I talk talk this Siham fried Kuah Tiao at the Berakas one lah.
Location: Please look at the video I make down below of this post!!!

Ok .. so this morning I bring my sister, my niece and the maid to try on this famous Siham fried Kuah Tiao at the Berakas! The last time I eat their kuah tiao is 2 year ago!
I remember it look like a wooden house like that one in Kuala Lurah type. But now ho... people got Ontong liao so upgrade the shop to model type liao!!!!!
The car park you see this is use to e their shop but now have to up to the little hill!!!
So this is the shop look like la!!! But still no Aircon!!! So better don't bring girl with heavy makeup to come here to eat!! Later the makeup falloff make you throw up the kuah tiao!!!
This is from outside see inside!!! In front the is the indian restaurant!
So this is the Siham fried Kuah Tiao lah!!!
See... not bad right??? Look delicious to you not????
Siham!!!! yummy! there is alot siham in the kuah tiao! not like those other one just a little bit siham in there!!!
I give them 3 and the half stars. If today I eat the siham is bigger then this one sure I give them 4 stars..hehehe!!!!

Click this video to watch the location!!!