Babu's Kitchen!!!!

When is the last time you go to BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN for your FOOD HUNTING??? Can't remember it right? Me too.....!!!! Of cause you don't tell me that you are the Bandar Kaki lah......!!! The reason outside BANDAR people not having their meal here are because very hard to find a car park!!! Although you found a car park but you still need to go the "parking hut" to purchase the parking ticket before you park your car!!!

But guys..... don't worry!!! now is the best time we going in there to MAKAN!!!
Do you know why??? That's right... Bulan Puasa... Not much car as usual, not traffic jam and you can find car park there easily.
You don't belief me??? Look at this picture, I can even got time to took my shadow's photo in the middle of the road. I'm not kidding is true!!!!
Ok so this is one of the restaurant I want to show you. It located just behind the BIBD's building which is also in front of this lorong!!!
I believe still got many people in Brunei they don't even know there is a new building which is located here!!! Cause it blocked by the BIBD and SCB's building and it's hardly to see from the Jalan Sultan or any other main road!!!
So this is the restaurant lah!!! BABU'S Kitchen!!! Easy to find right? And it full of Maggi posters stick on the glasses!!! OMG so Kiasu one!!!
I strongly recommended you people to try their Penang Laksa here!!! Even my "SEVEN MONTH PREGNANT" wife also said delicious. (pregnant woman never lies on Food's Judgment!!!!)

But I want to try something different today!!!! I myself personally don't like to eat FISH!!! Seriously... Cause I hate the stings smell and the bones too!!! That's why I never had "FISH" review in my blog!!!
But let me tell you this "Penang Asam Laksa" here!!!
It looks "Disgusting" but "Tasty"
Seriously... I don't taste any "BAO IKAN" here in the soup or with the fish( Ikan Rumahan )
And also the chef had took away the fish's bone too!!!
I give them 3 stars with the "Penang Asam Laksa"
And 4 stars for the "Penang Laksa"