Making a video with my sister's 2 years old daughter Hiroko Alya. She a very very cute little girl with a Super Curly hair. I'm sure that you all gonna love to see her acting in this video! Any body want to hire her as a BABY MODEL?? hahaha....

Babu's Kitchen!!!!

When is the last time you go to BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN for your FOOD HUNTING??? Can't remember it right? Me too.....!!!! Of cause you don't tell me that you are the Bandar Kaki lah......!!! The reason outside BANDAR people not having their meal here are because very hard to find a car park!!! Although you found a car park but you still need to go the "parking hut" to purchase the parking ticket before you park your car!!!

But guys..... don't worry!!! now is the best time we going in there to MAKAN!!!
Do you know why??? That's right... Bulan Puasa... Not much car as usual, not traffic jam and you can find car park there easily.
You don't belief me??? Look at this picture, I can even got time to took my shadow's photo in the middle of the road. I'm not kidding is true!!!!
Ok so this is one of the restaurant I want to show you. It located just behind the BIBD's building which is also in front of this lorong!!!
I believe still got many people in Brunei they don't even know there is a new building which is located here!!! Cause it blocked by the BIBD and SCB's building and it's hardly to see from the Jalan Sultan or any other main road!!!
So this is the restaurant lah!!! BABU'S Kitchen!!! Easy to find right? And it full of Maggi posters stick on the glasses!!! OMG so Kiasu one!!!
I strongly recommended you people to try their Penang Laksa here!!! Even my "SEVEN MONTH PREGNANT" wife also said delicious. (pregnant woman never lies on Food's Judgment!!!!)

But I want to try something different today!!!! I myself personally don't like to eat FISH!!! Seriously... Cause I hate the stings smell and the bones too!!! That's why I never had "FISH" review in my blog!!!
But let me tell you this "Penang Asam Laksa" here!!!
It looks "Disgusting" but "Tasty"
Seriously... I don't taste any "BAO IKAN" here in the soup or with the fish( Ikan Rumahan )
And also the chef had took away the fish's bone too!!!
I give them 3 stars with the "Penang Asam Laksa"
And 4 stars for the "Penang Laksa"

I Found Ling Zhi (靈芝) In Tasik Lama!!!

This afternoon I went Tasik Lama~( as usual doing my routine exercise) and I found this LING ZHI 靈芝 there!!! LING ZHI is a kind of Chinese Medicine and it can be use in many way!!! If you want to know more about LING ZHI 靈芝 please click here!!!
Anyway... I heard the oldskool people said if you found this kind of thing you are very lucky one!!! Cause it rare to see this and hard to find in the jungle!!! And you must have FATE 緣份 with the LING ZHI then baru you can find them!!!! I think I must have FATE and LUCK lah yah!!!!

But the question is.........
Is this the LING ZHI of the LING ZHI kah???? Is this the LING ZHI that can eat or be medicine kah???
Cause in this world there is more then thousand of mushroom and somehow mostly got poison.
I think the only way to find out is to bring this to the new open Chinese Medicine shop in Kiulap liao!!! Or bring to UBD and ask the Scientist there to check lo!!!!

This is the place I found her!!! Infect she cover by those leafs and stick!!! I just don't know why all of sudden I look down and see her there!!!! Is it what they call FATE???
She almost a feet wide, it's bigger then my palm!!!
A close up picture of her!!!
Ok so this is another type of mushroom I found in the jungle. I don't know what is the name of this! But you can compare this and the ling zhi see how big is it!!!
Look at that!!!! Is huge man...... So next time if you guys like to hiking like me too, please slow down your foot step and spend some time to look at the jungle which what we have in our Tropical Forest!!! I'm sure you will find something you never expect to see there!!! Trust me!!!
And the most important thing is "PLESE KEEP IT CLEAN" in the jungle.
Now this are the pictures I took there too!!! All the photos are took by my NOKIA E71!!!
Anyone know what is this???
I found the "SMURF"'s kampong!!!
PAPA SMURF.......... Where are you????

I found this Unknown fruits!!! I don't think it can been eaten cause it have a lot sticky-sticky milk there!!!
And I saw someone wrote the word "ALLAH" on this tree there!!!
Thanks for the person whoever is that blessing us for safe in the jungle!!!

My New Web Page Address!!!

Ladies and gentleman I would like to inform you sumua orang that my "" had change to"" already!!!! Don't say I didn't inform you all y@!!!
Thank you for your all support!!!!

Berakas Siham Fried Kueh Tiao!!!!!!

Me long time no talk about food review liao ho......
Ok lah! Today I talk talk this Siham fried Kuah Tiao at the Berakas one lah.
Location: Please look at the video I make down below of this post!!!

Ok .. so this morning I bring my sister, my niece and the maid to try on this famous Siham fried Kuah Tiao at the Berakas! The last time I eat their kuah tiao is 2 year ago!
I remember it look like a wooden house like that one in Kuala Lurah type. But now ho... people got Ontong liao so upgrade the shop to model type liao!!!!!
The car park you see this is use to e their shop but now have to up to the little hill!!!
So this is the shop look like la!!! But still no Aircon!!! So better don't bring girl with heavy makeup to come here to eat!! Later the makeup falloff make you throw up the kuah tiao!!!
This is from outside see inside!!! In front the is the indian restaurant!
So this is the Siham fried Kuah Tiao lah!!!
See... not bad right??? Look delicious to you not????
Siham!!!! yummy! there is alot siham in the kuah tiao! not like those other one just a little bit siham in there!!!
I give them 3 and the half stars. If today I eat the siham is bigger then this one sure I give them 4 stars..hehehe!!!!

Click this video to watch the location!!!

Rubber's Seed!!!!

While I doing my hiking in the Tasik Lama and I found this rubber's seed. Now is the season of playing this thing! It remind me when I was young we use to look for this in the jungle. We don't afraid of mosquito, don't bother we were lost in the jungle or bite by the snake! All we want to do is look as much as possible for this seed!
After that we use this to hit on each other seeds. Think back it do have a lot of fun!!!!
BUT........ When I show this rubber seed to the few new generation age between 15 to 20 in the Mall there(which now I help my brother look after his shop) they don't know what the hell is this! Someone told me this is a seed(which is correct but don't know what seed is this) and some even more worse... they said this is a BUG..... OMG.... Now day youngster spent too much time indoor with their PSP,PS2 or P whatever!!! They should come out from the room and see what is outside the house lah!!!!!
Now then I realize many of the youngster don't know how to play GULI. Don't know how to fly the KITE. Don't know where to get Free Fruits. Don't know how to cook Maggi Mee without the GAS!!!

HEY YOUNG MAN!!!!!! Is not that I look down at you peoples!!!! But true true,betul betul one... we have more FUN ever then you YOUNG people now!!!!

70's....Peace!!! 80's.......Fun!!!! 90'!!! But come to 00's...... speechless T.T

The Best Kolomee I Ever See!!!!

One of my friend send this picture to me this afternoon to show off what he and his brother had eaten last night!!!!
Abalone($100)+Chicken Kolomee($5.00)+Champagne($100)
total cost$205.00

Home Garden's Peanut!!!!

This is the 1st time I see people growing Peanut! My Indo maid did this. Now then I know that peanut also got flower just like the watermelon too!! All this time I tot peanut just grown in the ground like the Ubi Kayu!!!

My Secret Receipt Breakfast!!!!!!

Hello guys. Today I want to teach you how to make my favorite secret receipt breakfast!!!
I name this as "UNCLE LIM BREAKFAST" is very simple to make!!!

This is the ingredients :Double Sausages
Double Rotis
Double Telors
Rectangle Frying Pan
Little bit of cooking minyak
fried the sausage 1st and make it even( Cerai-cerai )
Then hit your two "eggs" into the pan.
p/s: Do not stir it!
Then when the eggs still half cook place the ROTI on top!!!
When you think it cooked. turn off the fire then you place a plate on top the pan.
After that " TURN IT UP SIDE DOWN "
TA DA........ look nice right????
Then oh..... spread some Mayonis
And Tomato SOS
And It's ready to be serve!!!
This is how it look inside the "Uncle Lim Breakfast"
Sometime do put "Double Cheese" too
Hope you like my 'SECRET RECEIPT'