Yesterday went to hiking at Tasik Lama as usual.... but this time I want to try something different way.... Not just hiking only but also pickup the rubbish in the jungle... I didn't expect that much of bottle in there!!! Total bottle I took 78 empty bootle!!!! I think the people who throw the rubbish there is not the regular hikers of Tasik Lama!!!! I wonder how can I pass the message to the people keep the place clean..........

Message For All The Bank In Brunei!!!

I have a message for Standard Chartered Bank, Baiduri Bank Berhad, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad (BIBD), Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei (TAIB), Citibank, HSBC, Maybank, RHB Bank and UOB Bank.
Yesterday I went to one of the bank to pay my credit card with my wife. As usual there is a long Q due to month end.
My suggestion is to put a notice like in the bus, that say give priority to elderly people, handicap and pregnant mother.

Baby Born In The Toilet!!!

One of my friend's Philippine maid last night 8pm++ give birth to a baby boy in the toilet at home!!! That time my friend and his wife was watching TV. while all of sudden they hear a sound of a baby cry coming out of the toilet he went to knock the door to find out why? Then they realize that their maid have pregnant for the past 7 months and they didn't notice that! His maid all this while was cover her tummy very tied so they didn't notice!!!! After that they both send the maid to the general hospital. Luckily my friend and his wife was at home last night! otherwise there is another baby been throw by an cruelest mother!!!!

When Is The Hello Kitty Refund????

Already over a month sudah lo.... when are they gonna to announce the refund o???? Don't play Ular with the BRUENI people ok.... Please don't think that Brunei people are all STUPID or KEEP SILENCE....PAY US BACK OUR HARD TIME WORKING MONEY!!!!

What Is Wrong With This Dog ?????

I have no idea what is wrong with this dog! Don't know where he came from! Just all of sudden he came into my house and hide himself next to my piano! So I chase him out of my house but after that he ran into next house!!! Is this what happened after next!!!!
Please watch the video clip.

Anyone Looking For A Friend????

This two beautiful Malay girl introducing them-self! I don't know why they do that in front of my camera. Maybe they just didi it for fun or try to know some good man in Brunei!!!!

Free Sashimi!!!

Now I know where can I get some free Sashimi. If you know how the Oyster and Abalone looks like? You also can get it here by watching my clip!

Long Lost Brother!!!!(just kidding)

It remind me one of the JET LI's movie " THE ONE " in year 2001. A superhuman criminal named Yu-Law (Jet Li), once a member of the organization policing interdimensional travel (via detecting wormholeopenings, which can be predicted like the weather), seeks to hunt down and kill variations of himself in alternate universes to absorb a common life force (which possibly has to do something with the string theory as it was mentioned in the movie by Evan Funsch) that connects them all. By killing his other selves, (becoming the last version of himself) and absorbing their power, he thinks he will become a god.

But of cause this two man are not related to the movie lah. They are just a normal people in Brunei only.Yesterday is their first time meet each other at one of my friend's baby birthday! So someone there request them to take photo together (once in a life time ma)
Look Alike Percentage ( 99% )

Do You Know What Is This Named???

Found this unknown fruit in Tasik Lama while I doing my routine hiking~ Look like a coco but hard like a Penang! Smell like a Mango but tease like a Lemon!

Is This Can Be Eaten???

I wondering this mushroom whether can eat or not lah? Found it in the Tasik Lama jungle!!! I have no ideal what type/name of it! It look delicious to me! I'm thinking to be a Mushroom Hunter also but just don't know how to start!

Making ipod Video!!!

I really having FUN with my MacBook!!!

Things That I Don't Understand!!!!

This morning went to the Land office to do something there. Then I notice something very strange there. I saw a handicap toilet sign pointing location but i don't see any toilet in there !

Brunei 1st Yamaha Bikes Day 2009!!!

Lady Driver!!!