New Isma Jaya Restaurant's Kolo Mee!!!

Have you ever try this Kolo Mee at New Isma Jaya Restaurant? It located at Gadong very near to Barry Wan Hot Pot and the HSBC too!!!
Today why I want to introduce this kolo mee is not because it's very delicious! It is  because I think this is the most expensive kolo mee among  the whole Brunei! It cost Bnd$3.00 just only the noodle, veges,chicken minced. Walan....... can lawan with Empire Hotel lioa!!! How does it tease? ok ok lo!!! I give it 3 stars lah! Food is ok but price too bad!!! But I still don't know why still got many people eat there!
Another thing I want to tell you is you can't order Roti Kosong or Roti Telor here! they don't serve here. They are the only one India restaurant in Brunei don't serve Roti!!!! can you  believe that? And one more thing! The chef who cook the Kolo Mee is a Chinese! Whaat?????? Chinese work in a Indian restaurant??? I think that chef also the only Chinese work with Indian restaurant in Brunei!!!