Found A Thai Food Restaurant In Kampong Bunut!!!

Hi guys!!! I found a Thai Food restaurant in the Kampong Bunut!!! Just right behind the Bunut Mosque!!! I had posted they address below there. If you can can follow the picture I show you there!!! Very easy to find one lah!

On the way to the Jalan Bunut just before the Mosque ther is a junction and you can see this sign JALAN HAJI HALUS!!! Then you see this Hostipal sign turn Left!!!That's it!!! This is the one I want to show to all today!!!I park my scooter infront of the restaurant isn't it look like in Thailand??? But somethings are missing with the lamp post!!!!!!!Ah ha......... now is much better, This is how it looks like in the Bangkok street! Must all the Phone, Power,TV,Network,Internet cables across the building!!! Missed the old days!!! this is how the restaurant looks like! not Aircon but fansBusiness hour from 6am to 8pm!!!I order this Thai fried Kueh Tiao!!! very spicy but nice!!!I strongly recommended you all try there Papaya Salad!!! very nice!Thai BBQ Chicken!!!

I give them here 4 star for the foods only the bad review is too hot there not their foods is the room cause no aircon!!!