Yesterday I went to Giant to do my shopping. I came across this very affortable hand drill. Its less then B$30.00. With such a great bargin,how can I resist.
This is how it look like. Very compact. 14.1V is more then enough power to use at home.

The Box say "1 year warranty" but the shop assistance say it's only for 1 week because they don't have an agent for this brand.

This is how it look like inside.

This is the coreless drill and adaptor.
Suprisingly it also come with different accesories.This is a Malaysia product.

This is how it look like. Very light weight. I want to test it but the power very weak so I go and charge it.
Went I have the battery in hand, it feel very light which is very strange so I deceided to take it apart.
When I take it apart, I found that it's using 10 number of AA rechargable battery to operate it. No wonder its so light weight and cheap. I felt a bit cheated by it.
I wouldn't recommend you guys to buy it.