Simpang 66 的福州扁扁糊!!!

還記得last year 我有introduced 1 個restaurant 在Kampong Kilanas Simpang 66 的restaurant 嗎? 今天我再次introduce 他對面的的一間比較大的restaurant for you all!!!
哎喲打打下字又好懶惰打! 你們自己慢慢看photo lah! but anyway it really taste good lah!!! I give it 4 stars!!!! Sorry really no mood to do the typing today!

Today I want to bring you guys to this restaurant that I always go when I was in school.
When I have afternoon class, I always take my lunch here. This restaurant is call Chin Lian Restaurant but we always call it "Kedai Hitam". My favorite dish is their Kolo Mee. Located in Bardar Seri Begawan just infront of Standard Charter Bank.
This is why we call is "Kedai Hitam".

This is their Kolo Mee.

Mee, Char Sau, Wantan, Veggie.. and of course it come with onion soup..

I give it 3 star.

Found A Thai Food Restaurant In Kampong Bunut!!!

Hi guys!!! I found a Thai Food restaurant in the Kampong Bunut!!! Just right behind the Bunut Mosque!!! I had posted they address below there. If you can can follow the picture I show you there!!! Very easy to find one lah!

On the way to the Jalan Bunut just before the Mosque ther is a junction and you can see this sign JALAN HAJI HALUS!!! Then you see this Hostipal sign turn Left!!!That's it!!! This is the one I want to show to all today!!!I park my scooter infront of the restaurant isn't it look like in Thailand??? But somethings are missing with the lamp post!!!!!!!Ah ha......... now is much better, This is how it looks like in the Bangkok street! Must all the Phone, Power,TV,Network,Internet cables across the building!!! Missed the old days!!! this is how the restaurant looks like! not Aircon but fansBusiness hour from 6am to 8pm!!!I order this Thai fried Kueh Tiao!!! very spicy but nice!!!I strongly recommended you all try there Papaya Salad!!! very nice!Thai BBQ Chicken!!!

I give them here 4 star for the foods only the bad review is too hot there not their foods is the room cause no aircon!!!

Cook The MAMEE!!!!

Hey guys! Have you ever think about what were happen if we cook the Mamee as we cook as the Maggi Mee? And wonder how it taste right?
Yesterday my niece ask me to buy some Mamee for her while I sending her back to Menteri. All of sudden I ask her about the same question! So we both we to tried lah!
Sekali it turn out not bad hahaha!!! I think the noddles taste better then the Maggi mee.
Guys try it! But I suggest you put 2 tea spoon of the Chicken Stock in, It teast better!!! I give this 2 and a half stars!!!!

My New Toy!!!!

Let's check it out my new cool toy. This is a LIGHTSABER that use by the OBI-WAN KENOBI

Official reproduction of Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Features enhanced glowing blue blade with realistic power-up and power-down light effects. The lighting effects are produced by a string of 64 super-bright LEDs that ignite sequentially inside the blade. Features five motion sensor controlled sound effects recorded from the movie: power-up, idle hum, swing, clash, and power-down. Blade has three built-in motion sensors for super sensitivity: 2 for detecting movement and 1 for detecting the impact of the blade. Durable hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber.

Click and play the video below see how cool is it!!!