Bad Day For Yesterday!!!!

Walao......yesterday the sky Gila-Gila one !!! This moment sunnyday, that moment heavy rain. Mother this rain make me wait under the bypass at Maggis for 2 hours.Lucky I just wet a little. But anyway this is not so bad to me la.....
On my way back home which I stay at Champaka Park, there is someone who have a worst day then me!!!
This house belong to the owner of one of a very old Kasut Kedai in Batu Satu Seri Complex!!!!
So think about it, 2 hours for waiting the rains to stop wasn't that bad right to me right!!!

Fire At The Kampong Kianggeh!!!

Guys sorry that for long time no update my blog liao because me this few day so busy lah.....
some how I been sick for almost 2 weeks lah...This virus really strong lah... I post many many things for you guys to read until kanyang kanyang lah...
Today when I went to do some setup at the Chung Hwa School the time. I saw the black smoke in the sky so I also went to Keipo lah. My news faster then CNN and BBC one....... Then I saw the black smokes come from the Kampong Kianggeh next the Jubilee Hotel there lah. Apa lagi the power sub-station on fire lah. Very big man the fire. and there is 2 car park near there....Habis lah.
What the bad day lah today!!!!

Kapcai Crash At Kampong Rimba....

Oh...this one trok lah..... So kasian lah why so not careful...I hope the rider is ok lah...

KB Fried Kuah Tiao At Kampong Bunut!!!

Today I went to one of the home style restaurant together with my friends at the Kampong Bunut which is just before the Ocean Quarry's Kolo Mee (posted at my blog on 15/11/2008).
This is my first time to try their food here and thanks to introduced by Paul.
I was surprise that their restaurant is located at the 2nd floor. It's rare to have like this in Brunei.
Look for this building on the right hand side when entry to the Ocean Quarry site.
And you were see this sign. KB and with some chinese words. It means KB Fried Kuah Tiao and Kolo Mee.

Use the stair case go up to the 2nd floor.

And you will see this yellow sign.

And this is their restaurant looks like.The boss ordinary come from Kuala Belait. He have been fried kuah tiao for more then 20 years and he use to be run the business at the market of Kuala Belait.

This is his signature food the KB Fried Kuah Tiao.
I'm not so sure that it is Halal or not! Sorry I forgot to ask but the Char Shao ( the red colour meat ) taste like pork lah!!! (Muslim readers please don't take the rise)
Anyway... I give them 2 stars for the fried kuah tiao!!! Friendly speaking I don't think it tastes like a KB Fried Kuah Tiao!!! It just like something missing there and it's just more like a normal fried kuah tiao to me.

They also serve Black Soya Sauce Eggs here.
Also 2 stars for it.

Guess Which Indian's Restuarant Is This????

Does anybody knows which restaurant is this?
They had been running this restaurant more then 30 years in Brunei.
Located some where in shopping complex which not far away from the Bandar Seri Begawan.
Please give me the answer, if you are correct I'll buy you Roti Kosong here plus Tea Tarik.