Brunei Wet Market@Gadong!!!

No food review today but showing the Brunei wet market that how is it look like. For those who always buy your veggie from the supermarket, you should definitely come here as the veggie is more fresh and locally grown plus you get really good deal like.

This is in Gadong Market, Vegetable section (1st floor).

Here you can find a lot of locally grown vegetables example pakis, kangkong, pak choy, long beans, tomatoes, etc.

Look how fresh and green they are. B$0.50 for such a big bunch, where can you find this in the supermarket.

This is the fish section (ground floor).

Some local catch fishes.
Below is my garden at home. All this veggie is grown by my mother.

This is an unknown name berry at my backyard (of course grown by my mother la). Can anyone out there let me know what is it's name???

This is broccoli. You never think it will grown here right!!! heheheh.... I will show you once it flower.