Berry Wan Hot Pot Restaurant!!!!

Berry Wan Hot Pot Restaurant it located at Gadong which just next to the HSBC. This restaurant is own by my long _old_ friend. I use to come here twice a month the reason is........supporting her lah. Anyway not just because she is my friend I will give her a special good food review.I'm still giving my true opinion.
This is how it look like inside the restaurant
$10.00 per person. Eat all you can and All you can eat cause it Halal here.

Cook with your own style and eat with your own way!!!
No star for the hot pot because is you cook the food by yourself. But I give the ingredients here 3 stars.

This is the Si Chuan Kolo Mee/ 四川乾撈麵 one thing special about this is it have peanut inside there. I never have peanut with Kolo Mee in my life, this is my first time.
I give this 3 stars.

This is the Herbal Egg/茶葉蛋. This is good for your health. You can easily find this in Taiwan. Every way....even in the 7-11 or Family Mart also have.

This is how it look like with the shell.

And this is without the shell.
How's the taste? Nice but too salty.
I give this 2 1/2 stars.

They also have serve Otak-Otak here. But I don't think it taste nice compare to Singapore or Malaysia one. For me it taste like the frozen food that sell in the supermarket, maybe they buy from Supasave one.
I give this 2 stars.