萬香餐廳_Ban Hiong Restaurant!!!

NOTE: I used the "Free Online Translator" to translate my Chinese words to English....It really sound funny man.....hahaha!!!
新年快要到了囉大家準備好迎接新春了嗎? 在新年還沒到之前讓我來介紹你們吃一道好料的菜。
雞肉嫩滑,湯頭夠味. 最特別的就是它那雞肉, 一夾下去雞肉和骨頭就自動的分開。
名符其實的入口即化, 超嫩的啦!
New year soon has arrived Luo everybody to prepare to greet the early spring? In new year also not to before lets me introduce you eat together the honest material vegetable.Ten thousand fragrant dining rooms “the granulated substance bao noble concubine chicken” the inside material has the Chinese angelica, the red jujube and so on many kinds of Chinese native medicines.The chicken slides tenderly, prescription 夠 taste. Specialest is its that chicken, as soon as clamps the chicken and bone automatic separating.Is worthy of the reputation entrance namely, ultra tender!I give him four grain of stars!!!
就是這間啦! 座落在Jalan Bunut。紅紅的大招牌Ban Hiong Restaurant 萬香餐廳
Is this between! Is located in Jalan Bunut.Red big advertisement Ban Hiong Restaurant ten thousand fragrant dining rooms

This is their signature dish “granulated substance bao noble concubine chicken” approves!!!

P/S: Foods are not halal in this restaurant here!!!