Tutong Food Hunting ( part 1 )!!!

Today I want to show you the two restaurant that I think is interesting in Tutong town.

Ok... this is the first restaurant I gonna show you here and also my first time try their foods. It located at the old road to the Tutong town, Just right after the junction from the Muara-Tutong Highway. Please look at the video you were know where it located lah, is very easy to find one lah.

Click to play this video!!!

Why I want to talk about this place is because I think this the the most ever GREEN restaurant in Brunei!!! not the restaurant is paint by green colour, It is cover by the plants all over the place..... At first I though I just a normal Malay's house there! Is a good place to bring your darling dinning here especially in the night time cause this place look like the old classic romantic restaurant!

Sorry...I can't tell you what is the restaurant's name!!!! Is hardly to read the board!

that's the car park....

They only serve SATAY at the night time!!!

You can choose where you want to sit and dine!!!


Or here!!!!

Or right here!!!

How about here!!!

I suggest here....cause more fans here.....too hot in the afternoon...

They provide magazine....but the funny thing is all are Classic Magazine, some of the magazine are 20 years ago one.....

I love to drink this " 3 layer tea c "

The waiter told me that their "BUTTER PRAWN" is the best dish here....
But I don't think is delicious as what he said.... I still prefer the bandar's butter prawn.

I suggest you order their Chicken rice here. cause I saw most of the people come here are order their Chicken rice....I think that is the famous dish here lah...!

I give this 2 stars....