Restaurant Simpang 66 At Jalan Kilanas Mulaut!!!

Today I'm gonna show you guys this Chinese Restaurant in Jalan Kinanas Mulaut Simpang 66.

Is very easy to find this place, just follow the picture I show you here.

First looking for this juntion or buillding one of the shop selling Nasi Katok at Kilanas and you 'll see the road sign Jalan Kilanas Mulaut.

After 3 to 4 hundred meters look for simpang 66 on the right hand side.

then you san see this big wooden house.

Closer look.

with the Yellow color 1.

And that is it lah....

this is how it look like there lah....

mostly is the Chinese foreigner having their meal there.

So this is the Lady Boss lah....

This is the breakfast I ate this morning.

Clay Pot Lau Su Fen!!!

Inside have the Lau Su Fen(something like the japanese UDON, Lau Su mean MOUSE in chinese. why it call Lau Su Fen is because it looks like the Mouse's Tail..) mince pork, shrimp and the crap stick.

remember to blow it before you eat ho.... is very hot one...although it doesn't look like have steams come out from the claypot...I don't think you want to hurt your tongue right!!!

I suggest you also try the other food here also,like the Curry Mee, Laksa, Kolo Mee all are not bad here too. or ask the lady boss to introduce for you....most of the food they cook here I found that are not bad.

4 stars for this Claypot L.S.F

Price: $4.00($2.85USD)

p/s: foods are not Halal here.