Restaurant Selera Babu ( Soto Babu )!!!!

Ok guys, today I want to introduce to you this Restaurant Selera Babu. One of my blog reader, Jessica Lee, suggested that I try their Nasi Goreng Kampong, Kueh Tiau Goreng Kampong and their Ambuyat.
The restaurant is located at Jalan Kebangsaan, simpang 396 (where is previous Malaysia Hig Com). Go straight downhill and look out for this sign on your left hand side.
The house is on top of a hill. There is not much parking space in front of the house that is why this black car has to park next to the road side.

The enviroment is very quite and peaceful. I guess that is the advantage of being on top of the hill.

This is their Menu. Poperly done up. I love their slogan "The Heart of Brunei Cuisine".

This is their Ambuyat Set.

I am impress to see their Menu is also printed on their table cloth.

This is the Nasi Goreng Kampong that Jessica ask me to try. Don't let the big chilli fool you, its not spicy at all. Ingredient is rice, big onion, fried pusu (small dried fish), egg and green chilli. I usually have a habit of putting tomato or chilli sauce into my fried rice but this fried rice is so good as it is. Price: $2.00 (USD$1.40). I give 4 star.

About this Fried Kueh Tiau, honestly I don't find anything special about it. Overroll is tasty. I order their plain fried Kueh Tiau, maybe I should try their seafood or beef Fried Kueh Tiau next time. Price $2.00 (USD$1.40). I give 3 star.

This is Ulam with Sambal belacan (local salad)!!

Daging Kedayan (Beef)!!

Pakis (local Vegetable)!!

Fried Fish!!

This is Ambuyat.

The texture is very sticky and a bit slimy looking.. You will need to use this special made chopstick (the ends are still joined) to eat this.

Then you dip it into this sauce. We order "binjal" sauce which is a bit sour. You can also try the "tempuyak" sauce which is made of Durian.
Price : $10.00 (USD $7.10). I give 3 star.

By the time we finish dinner, alot of people started to show up.

P.S. I strongly recommend you to try this place.