Restaurant Inside The Shipping Container!!!

This morning I went to try a restaurant located in Beribi complex just next to the Bousted Sdn Bhd that recommend by one of my reader Mr Justin Poh. He Told me that I must try on the Mee Sua Chicken Soup.
Ok....So this is the restaurant looks from the car park.
And there is the entrance.

This is how it looks like inside the restaurant. About ten tables there. clean and tidy with airconditional but no toilet there.

Another view from inside.

Ok so this is the one Mr. Justin poh wanted me to try.....$4.00($2.85USD)
Flour Vermicelli With Chicken Soup

It took me about 15 minutes to wait for this. Is really smells good when the waitress place it on my table!

Let's see what to they have inside here..... The MEE SUA( Flour Vermicelli )

Chicken......It taste fresh and soft.

Chicken's Liver....

Chicken Kidney...

And the mushroom...

Comment about for this dish!!!
I would like to say thank you to Mr Justin for introduce their food too me. I'm find very satisfied with this dish. It's taste really delicious and I give this 4 stars and recommended my reader to try it too.