Restaurant At Somewhere Near To My House!!!

This place is near my house one lah...I actually wanted to talk about this place long time ago. The reason why I didn't talk about this place maybe is because of their are close to my house area, it always never click to my mind of this place. But I tell you their food quality are just as good as any restaurant in town.
As you can see by the picture I took here. There have  variety of  food choose. Sea Food, Land Food and Sky food.

Every time I come here, I always don't know what to eat. The Lady Boss(also the chef) she is the one who introducing me to eat. And she never make me disappointed of what she recommend for me! She is a woman that really know how to cook. I'm really admire her. How I wish I can find a girl that can cook as good as like her!

this is the place loh. so many people there. some time don't even enough seat and table for the customers.

This is deep fried chicken strip serve with thai sauce. First you wrap the chicken with the salad leaf and then dip it into the sauce. This combination is really good however I find the chicken a but too dry..

This is stir fry pork belly with big onion and rice wine.. Very good.. but ladies out there who is watching their weight, don't try this... A lot of fats..

This is just stir fry "four face" bean with sambal (prawn sauce) 
I give this place's foods for 4 stars.
and the foods are not halal here.