Red Canopy!!!

Yesterdat went to Kiulap Plaza Hotel and help my brother to meet up the Telbru people regarding their staff party that gonna held in the fifth floor.This is my first time come here. Is very wide here, I think is bigger then the OGH and the Centre Point's Ballroom.
While we finish the meeting ready to go the time.... There is a heavy rain out there,I was riding with my scooter at that time.....
So how? Wait lo...what to do!!! Then I went inside the RED CANOPY there order something and wait for the rain stop lo....

This is also my first time I try the food here also. I order their RED CANOPY HOME MAKE BEEF BURGER and a COKE!!!

I wondering where is the chef's home town..... why his home make burger is worst then the normal burger that we eat in Pasar Malam?( night market ) very bad.....don't try it. The beef taste YIAK...and PUI....!!!!
It took me to 25minutes to wait for this burger and cost me $5.00($3.50USD).
But not all the food are bad also.....the Coka Cola still taste good, still up to the standard!!!

1 star for the Burger.
4 stars for the Coka Cola.