RasaMas's New Branch At Kiulap!!!

A new branch of RasaMas had open at Kiulap Complex. Just infront of Hua Ho Department Store and next to the Thien Thien Chicken Rice. This is my first time I try their food!

Ok...So this is their Logo lah!!! RasaMas...... It means " Taste of Mas" I not sure what is the meaning of that but I sure is not mean by " Taste of Malaysia Airlines System"

OK... let's see what they serve here. I really hungry already!!!

Nice place!!! but I have the feel like I'm dinning in Pizza Hut huh....? Don't you think so? Some reason it really look like Pizza Hut right? The uniform, the outlet and the menu too!!!

Is this look like in Pizza Hut?

Is this look like Pizza Hut's menu also?

And this too right?

Ok... so this is the one I'm gonna order tonight. Family Special. Cost 19.50($14.00 USD)
Just nice for us four person me, my sister, my niece and my friend.
Looks yummy in the picture.

It come with 1 whole roaster , the waitress suggest us to try their "Percik" she said that is the best one of all. 4 Chicken rice, 4 soups, 1 bean sprout and 1 japanese tofu. $19.50 still consider reasonable lah.....

But..... But........ But........

The Chicken taste SALTY!!!!!

The Japanese Tofu Taste SALTY!!!!!!!!

The Bean Sprout taste SALTY!!!!

And the Soup taste SALTY TOO!!!!

This is the only one that is not Salty!
"The Rice"
I give this 1 star!!!

It said " Must try! Enjoy the RasaMas Roaster that is Fresh and Tasty here"
Sorry I don't think I will gonna try it again lah.... one time is enough!!!