Our Childhood Ice-Cream!!!!

When is the last time you eat this kind of ice-cream? 20 years ago? Do miss the time when you having this while in the school? Does it bring you back a lot of the childhood memories? You thought is kind of ice-cream had already extinct right?
Don't still can taste it in Brunei here!!!
I show you where you can buy this!!!
It located at the Beribi Industrial at the end of the block!!! You will find the name "AIS KRIM LENA" or click on the video below that I took this afternoon you will know where is it, is very easy to find one lah!!!
The Classic Ice-Cream!!!
This is the shop I want to introduce today!!!

They have different type of flavor here. Durian, Corn,Chocolate,Banana,Yam,Vanilla, Strawberry.
I myself like their yam very much! Only $0.25($0.17USD) each! Is very cheap and delicious. Their ice-cream are really creamy and not too sweet. It's really nice, I always buy 30 to 50 pieces to stock in my refrigerator and share to my family!
I give them 5 stars!!!

Click this video the view their location!!!